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Skanska San Antonio – Central Regional Office

Creating a sense of community from the moment you arrive.
The timber structure blends smoothly with a neutral material palette to form a calming textural environment.
The design redefines the traditional workplace to prioritize and encourage social connections.
The open floor plan and abundant natural light reflect the client's brand and culture, conveying authenticity and transparency.
Skanska's modern conference room, with its natural wood and glass, promotes an open and collaborative atmosphere.

Skanska San Antonio — seamlessly blending international sensibilities with San Antonio’s vibrant downtown culture

Skanska, a global project development and construction company, strategically relocated its San Antonio branch to The Soto Building, a mass timber office structure near downtown San Antonio. In relocating to a fast redeveloping area of lower Broadway, Skanska joined the growing numbers of national and international firms with a footprint in our downtown community.

San Antonio, Texas
5,815 SF
Completed 2022

Creating a sense of community from the moment you arrive.
Creating a sense of community from the moment you arrive.

Centering on employee well-being, our design team created an efficient, high-energy workplace. Our thoughtful process ensured a plan that meets both functional requirements and aesthetic values. The design team played a key role in choosing this location, seeking a site that is well-integrated with the local community and offers convenient access to downtown amenities. The location’s walkability and bike-ability, enhanced by recent updates to nearby streets and the adjacent River Walk Museum Reach, were also important factors. The Soto, situated in the cultural heart of San Antonio, is a Class A+ office building with strong sustainability features that align with Skanska’s environmental goals and values.

The design process began with collaborative visioning exercises involving Skanska’s local office staff. The objective was to create a design that resonates with the Skanska brand and reflects the unique character of San Antonio. This process led to the establishment of three key design principles: creating a welcoming environment, fostering collaboration, and focusing on people. The resulting workplace design is user-centric and deeply rooted in San Antonio’s culture. The office layout prioritizes employee well-being, with an emphasis on natural light and views of the cityscape. The open office design, featuring transparent materials, reflects Skanska’s commitment to approachability, and avoids the use of enclosed private offices. The entrance area is integrated with the employee lounge, creating a communal space that encourages collaboration and connection.
Skanska’s move to The Soto Building marks a strategic blend of innovative design and environmental responsibility, reflecting the company’s commitment to its employees and the San Antonio community.

Working within the mass timber structure at The Soto, we contrasted the rich materiality of the wood with the crisp, clean lines and bold colors of our interior layout.

Tony Hass

Project Team


MEP| Infinity MEP+S Consultants

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