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Mike Lanford, AIA

Senior Principal

As a founding principal of Alamo Architects, Mike serves as the guiding force for higher education and scientific research endeavors, as well as pivotal civic undertakings. His extensive expertise, developed over 45 years of practice is invaluable in the execution of programmatically dense projects, where intricate user dynamics and owner processes demand knowledge and experience. His remarkable track record of repeat clients showcases an unwavering commitment to excellence, demonstrating his ability to collaborate seamlessly with institutions like The University of Texas System and the Texas A&M System.

Mike Lanford’s guiding principles of design are: look back at the history of a projects site to see what has come before, look around to understand the forces that shape today’s environment, and finally to look ahead to the future to help shape a path forward that captures the vision and aspirations of the project’s owners and users.  His calm and thoughtful leadership has brought numerous projects successfully to completion and left an enduring mark on the architectural landscape.

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin | 1977