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An outlet experience at home on the Texas plains: The Promenade at West End.

A lively retail mix and creative placemaking drew national retailers.
Lively “shop front” architecture adds to a sense of place.
Model with central shopping street – parking lots are out of view.
Rendering at Nike Store entry.

Distance in Texas measures differently. This outlet center in Lubbock proves the point: patrons regularly drive more than a hundred miles from 26 neighboring counties to get there. Our design strategy for this center hinged on the notion of developing The Promenade at West End into a welcoming place to spend time, thereby creating an attractive draw for national retailers.

Our goal was to build an experience-based environment to encourage destination shopping, involving as many of the stores as possible. The solution was to create a shopping street, prioritizing walkability and an emphasis on the natural environment as key design guides – adding a relaxed ambiance to the outlet shopping experience.

GRACO Real Estate Company
Lubbock, Texas
165,000 SF
Completed 2015

Shaded paseos connect parking with the interior shopping street.
Shaded paseos connect parking with the interior shopping street.

Extending our strategy to create an organic sense of place, parking is relegated to lots behind the buildings, with shady paseos bringing the shopper through to the action on the street. Trellises, arbors, native landscaping and water features enhance the pedestrian experience. The center comes to life at night, with carefully designed lighting emphasizing both the architecture and the movement through the outdoor spaces.

The real magic was in the marriage of leasing choices and the setting. Placemaking choices were geared to create a unique and memorable setting – and as a result, the Owner’s goal for merchandising became focused on recreational shopping choices. Nike and Banana Republic outlets, youth-oriented brands, sporting goods, fast-casual restaurants like Panera and Chipotle, and the fun of shopping at Costco and Cabela’s proved a successful mix. The Promenade at West End is now a strong focus of the retail experience in Lubbock and the region.

Orienting the brand and merchandising towards youthful choices is a perfect match for Lubbock, given the influence of Texas Tech University and its 56,000-strong student body.

Billy Lawrence, AIA

Project Team


Structural | Datum Engineering
MEP | Cleary Zimmermann Engineers

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