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Ingram Hall: A new STEM flagship for Texas State University

A key aspect of Alamo design methodology is actively listening. By engaging with faculty and students, we gained pivotal programming insights for this comprehensive, leading-edge science and engineering facility. A successful design collaboration with TreanorHL, the architecture projects the aspirational goals of this growing university campus situated on the busy Austin-San Antonio corridor.

The six-level facility occupies an entire campus block and consists of lab, classroom and office space for the College of Science and Engineering at Texas State University. Educational space is programmed around the concept of active, collaborative learning.

Texas State University
San Marcos, Texas
166,851 SF
Completed 2018

Six-story Ingram Hall is the new STEM flagship of Texas State University.
Six-story Ingram Hall is the new STEM flagship of Texas State University.

Through a focused workshop with our end users, the building program was refined to support new ideas and opportunities in the ongoing evolution of pedagogies and learning styles. With this insight, the TreanorHL + Alamo team designed collaborative laboratories and a maker space. The premier project area on the first level houses an impressive range of prototyping equipment, including 3-D printers, laser cutters and engravers, metal and plastic mills and water jet table. Importantly, the maker space is also a hub for instruction, research, peer support and overall student development.

In addition to the new Engineering & Science Building, this project also included extensive site utilities from various locations around the campus. The utility infrastructure provides redundant services for the project and is designed to accommodate and consider infrastructure load growth capacity for expansion of the building and for possible additional facilities that will require service as the campus expands in this direction.

The college is committed to nurturing the talents of young scientists and engineers by immersing students in a robust curriculum and applied learning experiences in laboratory research, field study, and cutting-edge technology.

Texas State University

Project Team


Prime Architect | TreanorHL
Structural Engineer | JQ
MEP | Shah Smith
Civil | Kimley-Horn
Landscape | Coleman & Associates
IT/Tech | DataCom
Cost | Vermeulens
Code/Life Safety | Aon Fire Protection Engineer

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