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Healthcare & Research Facilities

Our design for patient care and research showcases our focus on listening and responding to highly specific requirements.

“The building standard for clinical healthcare is sophisticated, including complex integrated technology, advanced strategies for infection control, and design for sustainability,” according to Briana Gutierrez. “On the experiential side, we prioritize patients by simplifying the intake sequence: we look for ways to greet, direct, and accommodate the patient with the logical layout of clinic spaces.”

From our client onboarding interviews through design development and construction, we strive to create tailored, innovative wellness environments. “Our approach in design for clinic spaces is to focus on the patient experience,” adds Mike Lanford.

Ariel Chavela relates strategy for design for research this way: “Our job in design for research is to dig deep to understand the process and culture of how the specific research takes place, and to deliver a building that supports the work.” Working closely with the research team can yield key insight into how to maximize the organization’s capital investment in construction and advanced equipment. This process also informs workplace programming – supporting teams with collaborative spaces, and individual researchers with office spaces, for example.

In both clinical healthcare and scientific research, we bring the utmost respect for the professionals and academic teams to each project. The opportunity to work with leading experts toward the advancement of medicine and the life sciences is challenging and ultimately rewarding.

As each facility is unique, we also focus on the specific technological needs of that project with a simultaneous eye to responsible sustainability."

Health Care Design Team Leaders: Briana Gutierrez, Ariel Chavela, Mike Lanford, Jason Hyatt