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Excellence in Design for Higher Education

Our design for higher education seamlessly adapts new buildings to a campus vernacular, while delivering purpose-built facilities for research and academic communities.

According to senior partner Ariel Chavela, “Context drives our design process: our approach is to nest each new building or expansion harmoniously into its surrounding campus; to relate well to its neighborhood.” Within the building envelope, we work with client stakeholders to develop the ideal architectural programming for their academic segment and working culture. Ariel adds, “Our goal is to support the experts – the educators and research faculty who are our customers – by delivering architecture that responds directly to their team’s needs.”

Our firm has overseen new construction for a robust range of higher education needs, including classroom buildings, specialized laboratories, residence halls, and parking structures. Senior partner Mike Lanford notes, “Within our dedicated Higher Education team, we have developed specialized expertise in the highly technical systems and construction required for today’s academic buildings.”

Senior associate Brianna Gutierrez adds, “Our goal is always to both meet and anticipate an institution’s needs, now and into the future.” Core to our firm’s way of working, we have found that actively listening and working collaboratively builds trust and fosters innovation, leading to successive return engagements.

Our academic buildings are each different but have in common that they are high-performing, forward-looking, optimistic, and visually exciting."